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Mustard oil “Gorlinka” is a natural organic product extracted by cold pressure of mustard seeds. Under cold pressing in oil are saved biologically active substances, provitamins and vitamins: А, B6, D, E, F, PP.
It is ideal for salads and sauces. In addition, gourmets can use it for frying and baking and housewives for making preserves.
Mustard oil “Gorlinka” with a double cold filtering is produced from selected seeds “Raketa” (non-erucic kind) only grown on territory of the Volgograd region.

Composition: 100% mustard oil, pressed
Fatty acids (altogether)      99,8 %
Saturated acids4 %
Monounsaturated acids:
Oleic acid

45 %
Polyunsaturated acids (essential acids):      
Linoleic acid (ω-6)

32 %
Linolenic acid (ω -3)14 %
The others4,8 %
Energy value for 100 g of product: 898 kcal. Use-by date: 14 months

Company Production Information Our awards Partners

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