Mustard oil
cold pressed
Mustard powder
food product
Natural essential mustard oil
FEMA NO 2034, CAS NO 57-06-7

Mustard oil «Gorlinka» is a 100% natural organic product extracted by cold pressure of mustard seeds (at a temperature below 50°C).

About our company

But “gorlinka” means a turtle-dove in Russian! What is common between a mustard oil and a bird?

Mustard oil «Gorlinka» is manufactured at the mustard mill «RODOS». The founder of the mill is a great romantic. As a young man he was a sailor and during long voyages the first foreign soil he had ever set foot on was Rhodes Island. He saw a gentle graceful turtle-dove with a ring on its neck there. Both island and dove are impressive images of youth.

Many years after the founder’s son helped him to build a mustard mill they called it «RODOS». And mustard oil in a bottle, with a silhouette of a graceful dove bird, was named «Gorlinka». Today at the mustard mill «RODOS» mustard seeds are being processed to mustard oil and mustard powder, from which table mustard is made.

The majority products of «RODOS» are sold under the trade name «Gorlinka».

About mustard oil

What kind of oil is «Gorlinka» and why should we use it?

Mustard oil «Gorlinka» has a light taste, a fine scent, an amber colour, specific transparency and a nice long aftertaste.

It does not foam much during the frying, gives light golden colour and subtle steppe aroma to products. The oil enhances taste of vegetables and remains a full component in salads, because it is uncooked.

Bread made with the addition of mustard oil stays fresh for a long time. By making preserves this oil is absolutely indispensable because of its natural preserving qualities.

Olive oil comprises mostly oleic acid (76%) and sunflower oil - linoleic acid (80%). That is the cause they are often mixed together (blended) in order to achieve the favorable fatty-acid balance, which are useful for our body. In mustard oil «Gorlinka» that balance is natural due to selectionists’ efforts.



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